302 Ford Pro Flo 4 TPI EFI Kit


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Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4 EFI systems include and feature: * Engine Control Unit with faster processor and upgraded Bluetooth chip in a thinner waterproof design * Available with or without easy-to-use 7 in. Android touch screen tablet * Fully assembled intake manifold with air valve, fuel rails, and injectors * Fully assembled OEM high-quality wiring harness with pre-terminated connectors and labeled connection for a simplified installation * E-Tuner application for setup and engine monitoring * Wideband oxygen sensor * Distributor * Gaskets and hardware * Installation instructions * Ready to run out of the box with pre-loaded calibrations * Self-learning technology--no tuning experience or laptop tuning required * Ignition control--adjust ignition curve with the E-Tuner 4 App for optimal performance and mpg * Offered with multiple fuel injector choices * Systems automatically compensate for altitude and weather changes * E-Tuner 4 app with Bluetooth connectivity between ECU and Android phone or tablet. Includes multiple dash display configurations for monitoring engine vitals and performance; multiple control functions including two adjustable cooling fan outputs, idle speed, AFR set points, acceleration fuel tuning, ignition control, cold start fuel, and cranking fuel.


These easy to use, self-learning EFI systems feature an all new ECU pre-loaded with 80 dyno-tuned calibrations that support popular engine configurations up to 800 hp. Combined with the enhanced E-Tuner 4 App’s easy to use setup wizard; you get plug and play performance without the need of a laptop or costly dyno tuning sessions. Pro-Flo 4 EFI systems are the most complete systems available on the market, giving you what you need to upgrade to powerful and efficient fuel injection for your vehicle. Pro-Flo 4 EFI systems are the best value for your dollar!


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