Ford 427w Ford Top End Kit


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Includes Victor Jr. Intake, Holley Ultra Double Pumper Carb, Throttle Return spring, Bracket, Thermostat Housing and Gaskets for Intake and Carb.  Ideal for finishing a Long Block 351w-427w Long Block Assembly.  Comes Assembled.


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  •  Edelbrock Victor Jr. Intake
  • 750CFM Holley Ultra Double Pumper Carb
  • Throttle Return spring & Bracket
  • Aluminum Thermostat Housing
  • Fel-Pro Gaskets for Intake and Carb
  • Hardware
  • Cobra Oval Air Cleaner
Kit Ideally suited for bolting onto a 427w Ford Racing or Dart Long Block Assembly.  Has vintage look for Muscle Car or Cobra Kit Car.
Convenient Bolt on Assembly for 427w Long Block Assembly.  With the Proper Engine Components this kit will develop 550+ HP.

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