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  • 809-19212593

GM LS Conversion Oil Pan

LS Muscle Car Oil Pan Kit For LS1 / LS3 / LSA / LSX Engines

SKU: TD-19212593

LS Muscle Car Oil Pan Kit

  • For LS1 / LS3 / LSA / LSX Engines
  • Rear Wet Sump Design

Oil Pan, Aluminum, Rear Sump, Swap, GM, 4.8, 5.3, 5.7, 6.0L, Kit


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Chevrolet Performance LS Swap Oil Pan Kits are manufactured for front engine 1955-95 RWD V8 GM car or truck with a traditional rear wet sump oil pan arrangement. Designed around the LS Muscle Car oil pan, these kits include most necessary parts for installation, including oil pan, dipstick and tube, bolts, gaskets, pickup tube, and windage tray. Oil Pans hold up to 5 quarts of oil.

Oil Pan Features:

  • Fits virtually all 1955-95 GM front engine rear-wheel drive V8 cars and trucks
  • 5-Quart capacity
  • Rear wet sump design
  • Max stroke 3.620” with windage tray
  • For LS1 / LS3 / LSA / LSX Engines (Will not work with dry sump LS7 / LS9 engines)
  • Use AC Delco Oil Filter p/n 065-PF48E
  • Some valuable information of an LS engine swap can be found in this detailed 144-page book, for purchase, p/n 840-SA156 Note: The factory LS1 / LS3 / LSA oil pans will NOT clear the cross member in 1955-95 RWD V8 GM car or trucks.





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