Edelbrock 4.0 – 4.6 Aluminum Jeep Performer Cylinder Head

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Includes 1 Complete Assembled Aluminum Cylinder Head. *Includes  Cylinder Head Bolts and Washers   *Currently Included with Purchase  


This new Aluminum Performer cylinder head is a bolt-on performance upgrade for 1987-2006 Jeeps with 4.0L inline six cylinder engine. Works with 258 I-6 Too. Half the weight of a Factory Iron Head.  Delivers broad power & Torque!!   ***Free Set of  Head Bolts.  

3 reviews for Edelbrock 4.0 – 4.6 Aluminum Jeep Performer Cylinder Head

  1. Greg

    Can the Factory Exhaust bolt to this Head?

    • Chris

      Yes it will pending its from the 91-98 4.0 year. Otherwise you will need headers for this. It would sort of defeat the purpose of installing this head unless you have better exhaust flow anyway. Our techs can recommend a set.

  2. Jake

    So it will fit my 2003 Wrangler with Banks Torque Tube headers properly?

    • admin

      The cylinder Head utilizes the’91 through 2006 intake manifold location. The exhaust port it accepts a ’91-98 4.0 version header. So as long as you use the headers based upon these years it will bolt up and work fine.

  3. frank

    how much is the weight of a bare vs a compöete aluminum head?
    I can carry 23kg

    • admin

      Bare Head Weighs approx. 36lbs. Assembled head which is what we are offering is approx. 42 lbs.

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