LS1 Edelbrock Reverse Rotation Water Pump

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Victor Series Edelbrock Water Pump, Mechanical,  High-Volume, Aluminum.
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  1   Edelbrock Aluminum  Water Pump
2 piece Pump For GEN III LS Engine Fits 1997-2004 LS1 / LS6
These Edelbrock Victor series high-volume water pumps are designed for maximum flow and equal coolant distribution in street cars, race cars, tow vehicles, and motor homes. The aluminum pumps have CNC-machined housings with special one-way internal passages that flow more coolant at higher velocities, even at low engine speeds. The CNC-machined, cast iron impellers are larger than other impellers and have curved vanes that produce greater flow with less cavitation. Other features include heavy-duty roller bearing assemblies built to withstand higher torsional loads, billet steel hubs, leakproof seals, and gaskets.

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