Have a Vintage Car or Truck that your considering converting to Electric ?  This would be Blasphemy in the not so distant past.  Most classic vehicle owners are afraid it’ll hurt its value or authenticity but that’s not always the case.   The feel and sound of driving a  V8 Muscle car engine is like no other but an EV is super fast, fun to drive and easy to maintain.  Whatever the reason is, we get it, and want to help you keep these vehicles on the road for you to enjoy!


Why an EV Conversion ?

  • Each build is 100% customized to meet your requirements.
  • 20+ years of electrical vehicle engineering and development
  • 20+ years of award-winning custom automotive fabrication and design.
  • EVs from 120 horsepower to over 700 horsepower!
  • Bring us your classic or we can help you find one to convert.
  • We can convert most cars/ trucks 2000 and older.
  • We can add modern enhancements such as electrically operated AC, power steering, regenerative braking, as well as brake and suspension upgrades.
  • With our EV conversions, you’ll get faster acceleration, excellent reliability, no more gas leaks, no more smelly emissions, no more oil changes, and no other engine maintenance

The Conversion Process:

Let us take your classic car or truck, let our team breathe new life into it, and give you the power and reliability that you have always dreamed of, in an environmentally friendly and super cool package.

Converting an old car from gas to electric will likely give you more power (horsepower and torque) and will extend the enjoyable life of your vehicle for years to come.

It does not come cheap with Pricing Starting at 50k.  If interested, Please  Fill out the Form below for More Details.

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