Ford Coyote Heater Control Valve Bypass Fittings

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For anyone performing a Coyote swap on a vehicle that has a heater bypass valve, you may find that when the heater is off the valve closes and disrupts circulation in the Coyote Cooling system. This “H” shaped bypass helps circulate coolant when the valve is closed and keeps cooling temps under control. The H bypass is 5/8″ of an inch on all four corners. This product is only needed if you are working with a Heater system that have a control valve that closes when the heater is off.

The H crossover is 5/8″ on all four corner’s. For systems that have a 3/4 and 5/8 hose, a reducer hose will be needed for installation.

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Compatible With -8AN 90 Degree Transmission Fittings, Compatible With -8AN Straight Transmission Fittings, Complete Kit With Transmission Fittings