Coyote Swap MAF and Cold Air Kit For Gen 3

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PBH has taken the guess work out of making a cold air intake for you coyote swap project. We had designed a mass air housing the is the exact size of the oem unit. This allows anyone building installing a coyote engine into their project car or truck to mount our mass air housing without requiring a custom tune. Additionally, if custom tuning is being performed it will tune just like a factory air box. The mass air flow meter housings are compatible with oem intake tubes, so you can opt to even use the one supplied in Ford Performance control packs or your from your donor vehicle. Looking to do something custom? we also offer a 4″ polished tube to make this a custom cold air solution, not looking to use our intake tube kit? no problem, just use our mass air housing with filter and feel free to make something custom to fit your needs.

All mass air housings are made of aluminum and include meter mounting hardware. Mass air flow meters are NOT included. Air filter and clamp are included.

Cold air kits include the mass air housing and filter listed above but also include a 24″ long aluminum tube, silicone reducer coupler, silicone coupler for stock throttle body, and clamps.

This option will take all the guess work out of that cold air kit you need to build to finish your project. Tested in house by PBH and Lund Racing to ensure the best combination for tuning.

We have offering for all three generations of the Coyote engine. Generation 1 and 2 both measure in at 85mm inside diameter and Generation 3 measures in at 100mm inside diameter. These are factory sizes to ensure that tuning is as easy as possible. In the case that you are running a stock calibration, no changes to the maf tuning are required.

Looking for a larger maf for your gen 1 or 2 setup? put the gen 3 version on to pick up an additional 15mm at the maf while being able to use the gen 3 maf curve to ensure great drive ability. This is a great option for those making custom cold air kits for supercharged applications where a larger maf is required to avoid pegging the meter. Roush 2650 front fee supercharger customers can also use this gen 3 maf to make a custom intake tube allowing more tuning options.


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