1965-66 T-5 Conversion Transmission Kit



Product Compatibility:

1965-1966  FORD MUSTANG


TD Motion Offers 1965-66 T-5 Conversion Transmission Kit

Product Details:

  • For use with T-5 late model bell housing.
  • Modifiction is required to T-5 bell housing for fulcrum kit when clutch linkage is to be used. Late model bell housing casting #’s:
  • E6ZR-6394-AA 6 bolt pattern
  • E3ZR-6394-AA 6 bolt pattern

Kit includes:

  •  Fulcrum & Spacer kit
  • Crossmember Bar with parking brake bracket
  • Trans Mount Insulator
  • Slip Yoke

Product Compatibility:

1965-1966  FORD MUSTANG


Proudly manufactured in the USA by CPC with limited lifetime warranty. 


Bell housing modification is required on all original (1964 1/2-1970) and late model bell housings to adapt the Borg Warner “standard” and “World Class” T-5 SROD (single rod overdrive) five speed transmission to an early model Mustang, and to utilize the stock clutch linkage.

The modification required when using the “late model” (1983-93) T-5 bell housing is to relocate the fulcrum to the opposite side by drilling and countersinking two holes and bolting on a CPC fulcrum and spacer block.

If you do not intend to use the early model clutch linkage and are opting for a cable installation, you can use the late model bell housing and late model throw out arm as they are, without any modifications required.

Caution note – Always check the condition and fit of the crankshaft pilot bushing, since some T-5’s have a smaller diameter pilot. Problems such as clutch chatter and popping out of gear will occur if the pilot bushing fit is not correct



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