5.0 / 5.2 Ford Coyote Oil Pan Kit 2011 – 21



2011 – 2021 Ford Mustang GT – HIGH CAPACITY OIL PAN KIT

Thick billet rail for a leak free seal.



  • Highest quality oil pan for 5.0 / 5.2 Coyote on the market
  • Anti-slosh baffle that keeps oil contained in oil pump pickup area during road racing and drag racing
  • Extra capacity: Holds 1.5 more quarts than stock
  • 1/2 NPT fitting on front for Turbo/supercharger drain back
  • Retains factory oil level sensor or can be plugged for race applications
  • Compatible with Factory 5.0 Coyote factory windage tray, oil pump pickup* and dipstick
  • Fits all stock and aftermarket K members

*This is a fabricated oil pan, some warpage during manufacturing is normal, upon installation however the pan will flaten and seal properly!! When tightening start from center and work outwards in a cris/cross pattern.


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