Coyote Gen 3 Rear Sump Pan to Front Sump Oil pan Conversion Kit.


Coyote Front Sump Oil Pan Kit.  Includes the Oil pan, Pickup Tube, Flexible braided Diptube.  Purchase together to save time and $$!!


Ford 5.0 Coyote oil pan is designed for early Ford chasis and others that required a front sump oil pan. Most retailers sell the oil pan only,  this Cantom Oil pan Kit Includes the Front Sump Oil Pan, Matching Pickup Screen and Braided Diptube.   Has extra capacity and is used in road race applications where ground clearance is important .It features a diamond shaped road race baffle assembly with four trap doors and a removable Windage/anti-slosh baffle.  **Combine and Save!!


  • Designed for 5.0 Coyote Blocks GEN 3
  • Pickup for the Canton 5.0 Coyote front sump pan
  • This Universal Braided Flexible dipstick kit allowing flexibility around headers. They have a pan mounted threads built into them
  • Oil Pan has Diamond Shape Road Race Baffle Assembly With Four Trap Doors. Removable Windage/Anti-Slosh Baffle
  • 1/2″ NPT Temperature Bung
  • 20mm Bung for low Oil Warning Sender
  • Made In USA.  Tig Welded


Works for most TCI Front suspensions.  Early T-Sump design oil pans.




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