Ford Engine Dress Up Kit Chrome Air Cleaner and Valve Cover Kit

Code: TD-302--515


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Dress up your Ford with a complete overhaul with one of these new dress-up kits from Proform. These Officially Licensed Ford Racing Dress-Up Kits include a pair of valve covers, with matching air cleaner, breather cap and 12 valve cover mini or wing nuts.

Steel Chrome Valve Covers  Stock Height with Black Ford Racing Logo
Valve Cover Fasteners  Chrome Breather Included PCV or Grommet Included No Oil Fill Cap  Ford Racing Logo Chrome 13 inch Drop Base Air Cleaner Housing Included: Yes Includes Nuts Sold as a kit.
Fits a 289, 302, 351w, 347 stroker, 331 stroker, 363.  Intended for Carbureted engines only.

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