Godzilla Crate Engine Control Packs

Level 2 crate engine kit OB202 includes these parts:
– OBR E8G stand-alone engine controller – ONE single module to control your engine!
– New OBR high-quality engine wiring harness for our E8G controller with standard Ford connectors for sensors, actuators, coils, and injectors.
– Power supply cable complete relays for main power, fuel pump and coolant fan, all fitted with 30A fuses.
Furthermore, you will also have wires for your tach and an oil coolant fan.
– E8G gasoline calibration for the standard crate engine using standard fuel injectors, ignition coils, throttle body and sensors. Loads of power and torque.
– Bosch TMAP air pressure and air temperature sensor used for calibration.
– OBD II link.

More about engine and power wiring harnesses
The harnesses are built here in Livonia and use aircraft-type wire with an insulation of cross-linked, modified ethylene tetrafluoroethylene copolymer (ETFE). The insulation resists high PH cleaning fluids, fuels, lubricating oils, and many other chemicals.
The wires can withstand extreme test temperatures, ranging from the cold bend at -85°F through to 390°F. These wires are a mechanically tough, flame retardant and weight-saving solution to many motorsport and aerospace applications.
The engine harness is fitted with new OEM connectors and terminals for sensors, injectors, coils, ETB, VCT and the oil pressure control valve. We have changed the harness design compared to the original layout, the Y-split is now located between the two banks at the rear of the engine, between cylinders 4 and 8.
The harness is wrapped using a special automotive high-strength and high-abrasion polyester tape with acrylic based adhesive. This tape is rated for temperatures up to 300°F.
Installation of level 2 and level 3 kits:

Installing our control pack is straightforward:
– Fit the adapter for the Bosch pressure and temperature sensor on the intake manifold.
– Fit our new engine harness, it comes complete with original connectors, nothing to modify on the engine.
– Plug the throttle pedal in.
– Plug the included power supply harness into the engine harness power connector.
– Connect the two power supply wires according to the instructions.
– Connect the fuel lines and adjust your fuel pressure to 58 psi. Use premium gasoline only.
– Connect the headers to the exhaust system.
Your engine is now ready to be started, no calibration or adjustments are required.
We have done all the hard calibration work.

What to expect performance-wise…
All calibrations are developed to optimize performance, driveability and fuel economy. We have spent hours and hours on fine tuning the calibrations we offer for various stages of performance for the Godzilla engine. One thing to bear in mind when looking at power and torque figures is to look at how the engine was tested. Typically the engine is tested without the alternator active and without the exhaust system from the vehicle. We test engines having the original water pump active.
Furthermore, automotive manufacturers claim their performance data according to the J1349 norm while the motorsport industry uses the J607 norm, also called STP for Standard Temperature and Pressure This norm specifies different conditions than the automotive norm and therefore the power rating figures are slightly higher then for performance according to J1349. So, the power ratings advertised will therefor be higher than what is originally claimed for the engine.
That said, with our calibration for the standard crate engine we found, in accordance with STP:

Maximum power: 507 hp @ 5,800 RPM
Maximum torque: 550 lbft @ 4,000 RPM


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