Pull out Coyote Master Kit Fox Body Mustang



 Pull out Coyote Master Kit Fox Body Mustang

This Kit is ideal for finishing the install of a used or new Gen 3 Coyote crate engine / Manual transmission into an 1987-93 Mustang.  This installation package will include the needed swap parts for fitting the engine, exhaust, cooling system and accessory drive kit etc…


Gen 1 or Gen 2 body harness . This is a great option for anyone purchasing used powertrains, crank a pallet’s, and used engines. In most cases you receive the PCM, sensors, and pedal needed to run the engines but are missing the wiring. This harness will allow you to finish the job without having to purchase pricey control packs includes Harness for the Manual Trans GT500.   –  $1449

PCM Programming of Existing ECU plus provide mounting bracket – $399.00   –  * May be able to reuse existing

Tubular K Member 79-04 WITH OEM Spring Perches UPR – $595.00  *May be able to reuse Existing

Motor Mounts Shims / Poly Mounts for Swap UPR – $379.0

Cross Member 6R80W Stifflers – $389

3 core Aluminum Radiator Kit. Includes the Radiator, dual 12 inch fan and Shroud.  A/C Fan Control Kit harness.  The inlet and outlet ports are modified to accept the Coyote Radiator Hoses.  Altogether this runs $1,395.00

Serpentine Pulley Kit. Includes Alternator, power steering and Sandon AC Compressor with SD7 fitting kit. Relocates Alt. to opposite side for more clearance
You may be able to re-use old alternator or AC but this will be cleaner than adapting with old setup.  Include P/S Inlet and outlet Fitting Kit  with Reservoir Bracket Kit – $2,295.00

Max Motorsports HYDROBOOST adapter kit, Reservoir, Rack Fittings, AN FITTING KIT – $499.00

Hot Water Adapters with Heater hoses, Barbed Fittings- $229.00

Air Bleeder Screw –  mounts on top of thermostat housing.  Eliminates large tube protrusion –  $29.95

Oil filter insert – $21.   Can remove large aluminum cooler to bolt filter directly to engine block

FOX Block Throttle Cable Block Off plate – $9.90

EVAP Delete Coyote Nylon – X – $28.00

Ultimate Headers for fitment of T56  Fox Body Mustang – $1195

Cold Air Kit for the Fox Body Swaps – $395.00

Universal Steel Braided Fuel Line 6AN KIT Coyote – $895.00


TOTAL – $10,492.85


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