Slim-Fit Radiator System Direct-Fit Series


  • Radiator + Shroud + Fan = Less Than 4-in. Thick. Fully Assembled.
  • All Aluminum Construction; Natural Finish. All Tig Welded
  • Hybrid Extruded Tube Core Technology with Proprietary Engineered Louvers
  • Billet Aluminum Radiator Cap & Thread-in Adjustable Thermostat Included
  • Features 5-Plate Trans Cooler & High-Capacity Overflow Tube with Billet Filler Neck
  • Thread-in Adjustable Thermostat Included


Slim Direct Fit Radiator 79-93 Mustang

1979-93 Mustang/Cougar, 1980-88 Thunderbird  Manual Transmission

BETTER DESIGN – UP TO 40% THINNER! AND SLEEK LOOKING!  Billet aluminum filler neck with high capacity overflow tube

PROFORM has completely rethought how the radiator, fan, thermostat, and shroud can come together seamlessly to create a unified radiator system that is under 4″ thick, looks and works great, and is pre-assembled right out-of-the-box, ready for direct fit into your American V8 muscle car! A hodge-podge of one hundred years of rigged-up cooling paraphernalia has come to an end.


What did we do? With revolutionary engineering we flipped the motor around so instead of hanging on the outside, it’s integrated directly into a uniquely designed core made with state-of-the-art brazing technology (with no meaningful cooling compromise). The core itself is a hybrid combination of traditional duel 1″ tubes, and full core width extruded tubes. Combine this with a high-performance fan blade inserted into a smooth aluminum shroud, the result is the industry’s thinnest, most streamlined look. Every Slim-Fit Radiator includes a shroud, electric fan with adjustable thermostat, wiring harness, and radiator cap.



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