Sniper EFI 2 – Fuel Injection Conversion Kit 65-73 Mustang


Sniper EFI 2 Fuel Injection Conversion Kit. The kit includes a sleek Fuel Tank and EFI Module Combo, EARL’S -6 AN Caps, a high-performance Vapor Guard Fuel Filter, and top-of-the-line Vapor Guard Hose components.


Sniper EFI 2 – Fuel Injection Conversion Kit 65-73 Mustang

Revitalize your classic 65-73 Mustang with the cutting-edge Sniper EFI 2 Fuel Injection Conversion Kit. Featuring the HOLLEY Sniper 2 EFI system and the Sniper EFI HyperSpark 2 Ignition System, this kit guarantees optimal fuel delivery and ignition control. The kit includes a sleek Fuel Tank and EFI Module Combo, EARL’S -6 AN Caps, a high-performance Vapor Guard Fuel Filter, and top-of-the-line Vapor Guard Hose components. Elevate your Mustang’s performance with this comprehensive EFI conversion kit, ensuring precision and reliability on every ride. Trust in the excellence of HOLLEY’s Sniper EFI for a seamless and powerful fuel injection experience.


The Number One EFI conversion system just improved! Introducing Sniper 2 EFI – a self-tuning, easy-to-install, EFI conversion for common 4-barrel (4150 flange) style carburetors. We took everything that we gained from the initial Sniper EFI system and added 14 new functions that will certainly make your EFI conversion a lot more simple, trustworthy, and modern-day. Like all Sniper EFI systems, Sniper 2 is created to collaborate with the Sniper Ecosystem that includes Hyperspark ignition, full fuel systems, several user interfaces/dash display screens, and extra.


A complete ignition system developed to be ready-to-run with your Sniper 2 EFI system. Plug and have fun with existing HyperSpark installments, or Sniper EFI HyperSpark Main Harnesses. New cpu and board style supply an extremely reliable ignition, marginal warmth and max trigger power with much less existing draw. High RPM procedure and maximum output utilizing the HyperSpark Ignition coil. Integrated Ignition Coil brace streamlines installing the ignition coil. Hall Result crank trigger sensing unit real estate offers a noise-free RPM signal to the Sniper ECU. Billet representative housing provides corrosion resistance and trendy appearances. Easiest plug and play means to add timing control to a Sniper EFI Setup.


The heart of a fuel system starts with the fuel storage tank. When converting to EFI, it is essential that you do not infect your new parts with dust, corrosion, and sludge from an old fuel container. We provide an easy and low-cost solution to transform your fuel system to EFI with our Sniper substitute fuel tank and a Return-less EFI fuel container component. Sniper fuel storage tanks are created to meet or go beyond the quality of your manufacturing facility fuel container. Sniper containers are made from steel with a galvanized finish that is made to the OEM requirements for your muscle mass vehicle or vehicle. The fuel container components consist of a Holley HydraMat and are made as a straight substitute for your factory pick-up and sending device so no alterations are needed.


AN Cap – Black Anodized, Readily Available for Any Pipes Scenario And Numerous Custom Applications.


Billet aluminum fuel filter for EFI (10 micron) applications. Usage w/ 3/8″ Vapor Guard Fuel Hose & Clamps. Vapor Guard Fuel Filter for EFI Applications, Billet Aluminum w/ Black Anodized Complete
Changeable/ Washable Bronze Filter Element, Filter Streams 125 GPH at 4.1 PSI (Free Circulation) & 88 GPH at 61.4 PSI.


Earl’s Vapor Guard hose ends function an unique smooth retention grain that maintains the hose under pressure while assuring the hose liner is not harmed; They’re black brite-dip anodized for good appearances and deterioration protection. Setting up is a breeze! Just reduce the hose, push it on and tighten the clamps! Place Earl’s Vapor Guard ™ in your arsenal and protect your trip from modern-day fuels!


Earl’s Vapor Guard hose clamps give simple assembly of hose to hose ends. Solitary & Dual ear kink style and screw style stainless steel hose secures available for a protected assembly, Offered in 5/16″ and 3/8″ sizes.


Modern fuels go to battle with your fuel system. Modern fuels (more than 40 EPA-approved fuel assimilate the US alone) include ingredients that break down typical rubber hose. This breakdown brings about possibly unsafe leaks & weeping as well as vapors that throw away fuel and leave unwanted odors in your shop and once fuel lines are deteriorated, hose bits can infect and block fuel injectors and carburetor flows. Earl’s Vapor Guard hose and hose ends offer a full, economical service that essentially eliminates these fuel permeation problems common with the majority of rubber fuel lines.

Upgrade your Classic 65-73 Mustang with the Sniper EFI 2 Fuel Injection Conversion Kit available at TD Motion. Featuring HOLLEY’s advanced Sniper 2 EFI system, this kit delivers optimal fuel delivery and ignition control. Shop now to transform your classic Mustang into a high-performance machine with precision and power.


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