TD Motion Offers Timing Light


Timing light features advance dial to easier set ignition timing Harbor Freight.

Trigger activated Timing Light. 60 degree advance. LED Indicator. Easy to Use.


To set timing advance when your engine has no degree scale, simply set the advance on this timing light and align the timing mark to the TDC indicator on your engine. The trigger-activated timing light’s 60 degree advance dial makes it easy to read and adjust timing advance. The timing light features an LED indicator light to insure proper hookup as well as a rubber nose to protect the unit from damage.

  • Clamp-on inductive pickup
  • 4 ft. detachable leads
  • High Impact ABS housing
  • Bright xenon bulb


This Product/kit is Universal and it may be compatible with many other Makes and their models.So for detail information contact our technical Sales Representative.



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