427W FFR Crate Sniper EFI Engine W/ TKX Transmission – FFR MKIV



The 427w / 540 HP Crate Engine W/ 5 speed Transmission  Delivers a big punch.  A Big upgrade for the Factory Five MKIV , Hot Rods or Coupes. 4 Bolt main Block.   The overdrive gear reduces the RPMs considerably from an early 3 or 4 speed transmission.  Direct replacement for your old 289, 302, or 351w.  Huge torque gains. Power Forged Pistons, Cast Steel Crank, Steel beam Rods, Roller Camshaft, Roller Valvetrain.  Aluminum Cylinder Heads Flow exceptionally better than the old Iron Heads.  Just the right amount of classic Thump Idle sound.  Pump Gas Friendly. Included with Sniper EFI   4.100 stroke.


Precision machined 351w new 4 bolt dart roller block
Eagle forged steel 4340 crankshaft
Steel h beam connecting rods with 190, 00 psi arp bolts
Mahle power forged pistons 10.5 to 1 compression
Perfect circle chrome moly piston rings
3 piece steel double roller style timing chain
Hyd roller xtreme energy camshaft huge torque
New melling oil pump and screen
Aluminum Performance Cylinder Heads. 60cc Combustion Chambers with Bronze Guides
2.05 stainless steel swirl polished intake valves
1.60 stainless steel swirl polished exhaust valves
Comp cams xtreme duty roller rockers
Hard seats for unleaded or regular fuel
Heavy duty 1.55 diameter valve springs, 7 degree locks
New heavy duty chrome moly push rods
New 7 quart large capacity low profile oil pan
Timing chain cover with scale
427 black wrinkled aluminum valve covers or Equiv.
Steel billet 157 tooth standard flywheel. (Works with 5 speed Trans.)
Edelbrock performer RPM Dual plane intake manifold
Sniper EFI Fuel Injection. Includes Harness, Sensors and ECU
Electronic billet distributor
Thermostat housing and 180 degree thermostat
High volume fuel pump
High flow aluminum water pump
Dip tube and dipstick
High Flow air cleaner with pcv ventilation system
EFI Fuel lines and gas filter
Hot run tested includes setting initial and full timing advance
Video footage shown of your engine in test stand
Balanced, blue printed, assembled by ase technicians
Engine Midplate

Includes Clutch Kit, Bellhousing, High Torque Starter, Fork Installed and Aligned
TKX 5 Speed  Transmission Shipped Separately with Engine



  • Siamesed Cylinders: Standard  4.125” cylinders. Extra-thick walls prevent cracking and produce excellent ring seals.
  • Scalloped Water Jackets: Increase coolant flow around cylinder barrels to prevent detonation, extend engine life, and produce consistent cylinder temperatures.
  • Steel Four-Bolt Main Bearing Caps: Sportsman Blocks have three 4-bolt center caps with splayed outer bolts for maximum strength, Race Blocks feature all five 4-bolt mains, rear cap uses a standard 1-piece seal.
  • Stock Components: Provisions for stock motor mounts, accessory drives, smog pumps, starter brackets, oil pans, and pumps.
  • Upgraded Oiling System: Has a complete stock-type system plus a low-tension priority main oiling system with front and rear external oil pump feeds.
  • Dual Crossovers: Allow oil flow to be metered with restrictors for roller lifter cams and/or roller rocker arms to reduce oil flow and windage.
  • Reinforced Head Bolt Bosses: Blind-tapped to prevent leaks and produce accurate torque readings. Extra-thick decks prevent head gasket leaks.
  • Standard Camshaft and Cam Drive: Standard cam and cam drive can be used. Lifter Valley of Sportsman Blocks has provisions for the production of hydraulic roller lifters.
  • Precision CNC Machining: Ensures consistent high quality and eliminates expensive ”blueprinting”.


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