6R80w 4 x 4 Bronco Automatic Transmission Package


Package includes:

  • 6R80W Transmisson
  • Advanced adapters 4 x 4 fitting
  • Transmission Cooler and fittings
  • Fan Control Thermostat


 6R80w 4 x 4 Bronco Automatic Transmission Conversion Kit

Need a 4 x 4 transmission for your Bronco Coyote Swap ??    These re-engineered 6R80’s are in installed in the 4 x 4 applications most of the Early Bronco Coyote Swaps. Starting with a good core transmission and updating all the factory pieces. Add Exedy’s Stage 2 friction kit, a custom center supports bearing, TCS billet intermediate shaft, and do a competition assembly.  Its a proven transmission with a 1 year 12,000-mile warranty. Compatible for the Dana 20 transfer Case. 

• -Raybestos GPZ frictions and custom steel’s
• -Billet intermediate shaft
• -custom-modified center support bearing
• -Optional Forward Planetary upgrades
• -Updated solenoids and OEM components
• -Ford factory gaskets, filters, and seals
• -1year 12,000 mile warranty(limited)
• -1200+ RWHP capable and proven
• -Great street manors
• -Lund Racing Tuning is highly recommended!!!!!!!

The complete transmission Kit includes the cooler kit with the transmission adaptor fittings, Cooler and Thermostat

The Cooler:
• Mounts anywhere space permits
• Electric fan supplies optimum airflow
• Dramatically extends engine and transmission life
• High-efficiency Stacked Plate cooler
• Clear anodized aluminum shroud
• 500 CFM reversible Tornado electric fan
• -8AN inlet size
• 46,000 BTUs Per Hour
• Cooler assembly includes fan mounted cooler, aluminum -8AN fittings and two -8AN x 1/2″ hose barb fittings

In-line Fan Control Thermostat
The 6R80w and 10R80 transmissions have an internal thermostat that opens at 180 degrees. If you are running a fanned cooler with straight 12v power, this means that the fan will be on even before transmission fluid hits the core. To control this, just add this 180-degree switch. Installation is simple, just connect this fitting to any of the an lines in the cooling system. Then run your 12v power for the fan through the switch. The switch will turn on the fan at 180 degrees and shut off at 165 degrees.
-8an male to -8an female


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