Gen 3 Bronco Coyote Oil Pan Swap Package


The Gen 3 Coyote Engine Oil pan is large Composite Oil that does not fit into the chassis of many Coyote Swaps. There are aftermarket low-profile oil pans that will resolve this but can be expensive. A more affordable solution is this GEN 2 Oil with the retrofitted Oil pickup screen, hardware, and Gasket.


Bronco Coyote Oil Pan Swap Package

The larger Coyote Gen 3 oil pan ( 2018 and newer) won’t fit into the engine bays of most Coyote Swaps. This Ford 5.0 Coyote oil pan Conversion Kit is designed to fit most Coyote-swapped vehicles. This Oil pan Kit Includes the lower profile Rear Sump Oil Pan & Matching Pickup Screen. Also includes two new main cap bolts that have studs so the pickup tube can fasten to them. A custom oil pan gasket, and hardware are also included.


  • Designed to substitute the Gen 3 5.0 Coyote Oil pan
  • Custom Pickup for the 5.0 Coyote
  • Will accept the factory Dipstick and tube – Dipstick may require trimming.
  • 1/2 NPT Temperature Bung Block off included
  • Oil Pan Gasket Oil pan Bolts


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