Ford 7.3l Godzilla Shallow Oil Pan Kit


If you are planning a Godzilla installation into a car application like the Fox Mustang, then you are going to need a kit like this to get you the ground clearance to make driving on the street practical.  We have developed a kit for the Godzilla engine that will increase ground clearance by approximately 2” compared to stock.  With this kit, the floor of the pan now is above the mounts for the steering rack.  When fitted in a FoxBody Mustang with stock spindles, using the Team Z K-Member and Flaming River manual rack, the ground clearance is approximately 6” this kit. Our kit utilizes the OEM pan.  To enable this, our new pickup is included as well as a new plug to block the original oil pickup location.  Optional, but necessary to achieve the clearance, are the oil filter relocation adapter and the oil cooler delete.

Standard parts included in the Kit:

•Modified OEM pan
•New oil pump end plate
•Oil pickup block-off plug

Specifications & Features:

•New, 6061 aluminum billet pump end plate is a direct bolt in on the OEM pump
•Pan oil capacity: 6.5 qts
•Pump pick-up inlet is approximately 15% larger in area than a 1” ID hose
•Turbo oil return port for boosted applications


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