Holley Godzilla High-Mount Accessory Drive – With Oil Pan And Pump – Complete Kit


Fits Ford 7.3L Godzilla – Includes Holley Timing Cover/Coolant Manifold, SD7 A/C Compressor, Alternator, P/S Pump, Tensioner, Water Pump, Belt & Pulleys, Oil Pump, and Oil Pan


Holley Godzilla High-Mount Accessory Drive – With  Swap Oil Pan And Pump – Complete Kit

Our accessory drive system offers flexible configuration options to meet various needs. For instance, we provide different alternator choices to cater to diverse performance and electrical requirements. If you prefer a customized modular setup, you can opt to exclude the A/C and/or P/S components. Our “base kits” include everything except these optional components. Alternatively, you can choose our “Holley Complete Kit” for the most commonly selected, cost-effective combination. Holley’s Godzilla High-Mount Accessory Drive is the ultimate solution for engine swaps, offering unparalleled functionality, adaptability, and ease of installation.


  • Complete kits include everything needed for the most common, cost-effective combination – including all adapters, accessories, and belt
  • Crank concentric driven Gerotor oil pump utilizes all Melling internal components
  • OE style cast oil pan design with 6.5 quarts oil capacity (with filter) and 1/2-inch NPT turbo drain-back port
  • Integrated oil priming ports and procedure and oil cooler plumbing ports (must purchase Earl’s #GZ0001ERL to utilize oil cooler ports)
  • “Always accessible” pressure spring port allows for quick oil spring pressure changes
  • Advanced windage tray and baffle system keep oil in the sump
  • New oil pan hardware and dipstick included
  • Fits Ford 7.3-liter Godzilla engine – ideal for engine swaps
  • Includes new front main seal and installation tool
  • Works with the original factory crank pulley, as well as aftermarket damper/pulleys
  • This high-mount accessory drive has all accessories pulled up and in tighter than other options
  • Relocates heater hose connections out of sight for a noticeable visual improvement over the OE design
  • Alternator options do not require the original ECU control to function
  • P/S pump with the optional external reservoir is ideal for hydro-boost applications
  • Choose from natural as-cast aluminum or black finish


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