TKO-600 5 Speed Transmission


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  • Heavy Duty TKO
  • Gear Ratios: 1st 2.87; 2nd 1.90; 3rd 1.34; 4th 1.00; 5th 0.68
  • Close Ratio 1st Through 4th Gear
  • Improved Shift Forks
  • 4615 Steel Gears for Increased Torque Capacity
  • Torque Capacity – 600 lbs/Ft
  • Input Shaft – 26 Spline
  • Output Shaft – 31 Spline
  • Fits 1979-1995 Mustangs


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1 –  Tremec TKO -5 Speed Transmission


TKO Installation Tips

Cobra Replica

Early to Later Model Mustangs. ( Early 65-66 required tunnel mods)

87 and Up Mustangs

Hot Rods.

Heavy Duty TKO. Is your high performance 5.0L Mustang making more power than your stock manual transmission can handle? Then you need to upgrade to the Ford Racing Tremec TKO 600 Extra Heavy Duty 5-Speed Manual Transmission. This Tremec TKO replaces the older TR-3550 and has a torque capacity of 600 lbs./ft. making it perfect for high-performance applications.

Built Ford Tough. The Ford Racing Tremec TKO 600 Transmission has a close ratio 1st through 4th gear and is equipped with a 26 spline input shaft and a 31 spline output shaft. It features improved cast iron shift forks, a one-piece counter-shaft, and gears made of 4615 steel which increases torque capacity.

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