Ford Performance AOD, AODE, 4r70w transmission Controller

Things you need to know about Ford’s Performance AOD, AOD-E, and 4R70W Transmission

Few things tend to confuse us more than the AOD family of automatic overdrive transmissions controller. Interchangeability. Swapping this and that. Should you go with a mechanically modulated AOD or electronically controlled AOD-E or 4R70W? What’s the difference between an AOD-E and the 4R70W? What is a 4R75W transmission?

The original AOD (Automatic Overdrive) transmission was basically the old cast iron. Ford FMX reborn as a lighter more fuel efficient overdrive slushbox in 1980. The AOD had the FMX’s super rugged Ravigneaux planetary gear set with the addition of an overdrive unit in front of the all-new aluminum case. The AOD was developed as an all-inclusive automatic overdrive transmission. With the overdrive designed into the unit instead of being an afterthought like they did at GM and Chrysler. Ford integrated overdrive into the FMX’s existing gear set with the same gear ratios throughout. Overdrive was 0.67:1.

You can see in this video that we have tested reading of 4R70W DYNO. And you can see some exciting results on the readings, see the Flow meter and its performance.

This particular 4R70W 4 Speed Automatic Transmission is available for you tested and checked by TDMotion

4R70W Street Smart Package Transmission Ford Coyote 5.0L Kit includes:

  • Street Smart 4R70W transmission
  • Custom torque converter
  • Dipstick
  • Smart Shift controller and harness



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